Thursday, 2 April 2009


This is what I like to call The Arrival.
Which type abducts and which experiments?

Keep an eye on those pockets.

Speaking of tourists and pickpockets:
Surely this guy isn't dumb enough to leave home with his Amex card.

Can you feel the excitement? Go!

Meanwhile back at no. 10...
...the leaders stride up the final fairway.

Transparency, London style.
Stop, hey! What's that sound?

Oh that. Some people never learn.
And while the kids are at camp...

Think you been to some uncomfortable parties? Imagine being one of the guys wearing a turban instead of a tie.

Or better yet, imagine being one of the gals. Looks like even Mr. Smoove is racking his brain for something to break the ice with.

There ya go! My guess is he just said:
"Uh, yeah it's true."

So let's get down to business.

"So I told her I was just kidding."

A little later, at the roulette table...
...they were placing bets on how many more of these there were gonna be. This guy's dad must be a banker. Show some respect, why don'cha!

Gimme daaaaa'!

Stop everything!
Somebody call the Farrelly brothers!

That's all folks! See you at the Summer Games.
Olympics and Obama in '12! Clearly, we're gearing up for it.

by Cook/Jones/Matlock/Lydon