Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Christian Bommarius just wrote *this piece in the Berliner Zeitung. The point of departure is a recent pathologists' conclusion that a corpse in the basement of Berlin's Charité hospital is that of Rosa Luxemburg; and the revelation that Karl-Heinz Kurras - the police officer who shot and killed student Benno Ohnesorg at a demo in 1967 - was in fact a Stasi spy.

I am reminded of an old adage, which appropriately paraphrased goes: The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. Yeah right. The fact that this idea is falsely, yet officially, attributed to William of Ockham should wake just a little skepticism as to the soundness of its application; that is, unless the simplest explanation is the most convenient one at the time. Explanations change with the times, after all.

Back to Bommarius' article: He says that we shouldn't mistake written history for history. I wonder where that leaves The News.

* The Berliner Zeitung: where links to the News are dead and gone before you know it.