Friday 11 September 2009

Let US Rejoice and be Mad

Based on the inefficiency of his dismissal - okay, make that denial and resignation - and the air of controversy that led to it, you'd think that Van Jones'd butt-fucked the baby Jesus in the nativity scene on the White House lawn on Christmas morning. What he actually did was lend cursive support to a more extensive investigation of the origins of today's holiday. Lesson learned: You can't simply apologize for sodomizing the symbol of Our Savior and get away with it. Sullying the sanctity of that which guarantees our longstanding love for Afghan children is unforgivable.

Trivia: How many of those children can *identify Manhattan on a map?

When you consider the congressional Dem's polling to see if censure is okay "JUST DON'T HURT US", you'd think that Addison Graves "Jawin' Joe" Wilson, Sr. had screamed, "I lied!" regarding the misunderstanding that motivates our continued compassion for children in Iraq. Lesson learned: Screw sticks & stones - fire missiles and spare the rhetoric; and take some sexy pics of prisoners on leashes while you're at it; it'll play great with your buds back "in The World"!

Trivia: What is the life expectancy of someone actually born in the cradle of civilization? Do they still get residuals for the wheel, or is that public domain?

Regarding O Mighty Rama's Recent Revival: The Progressive Caucus is eating some serious crow. No, not because the prez just delivered the greatest speech by any biological lifeform ever, but because he's already implemented part of the reform, in the form of the Insurance Executives Aren't Bad People For Dropping The Sickest And Most Seriously Ill From Their Policies, Cuz, You See, They Do It For Profit Bill.

Happy Nine-Eleven everybody!
Especially the troops!-)

*The idea that Afghan innocents might not be able to
identify the scene of the alleged crime on a map comes
in part from Robert Scheer's text linked here.