Sunday 3 October 2010

parallele Einheiten

Wondered about the expression "time is money", why "currency" is a signatory to a financial context, currentness exclusively a time restriction.

Free from control with a handle on time.

Einheit means unity. Einheiten means units. Aktuell doesn't mean actual, it means current. To check or to test is doing a Kontrolle.

I'm getting ahead of myself; first, a step toward deliverance. To each dweller a life in time. Ready. Set. No?

I thought those contemporary biopics were crudely contracted before I stumbled upon the disconnect. To each his own time. Or, as I like to say, to each their own time. Y'ouch!

To each his or her own time.

Since - for a point in time
For - for a timespan

For how long? That's a very good question. And, again, it is what I'm trying to get round to and across.

Spend time, not money.

It is such a powerful disassociation. Separate lives.

Lives as separate as opposing marginal tax-brackets, yet sharing the same strip of time? Being of different currencies, but the same current?

Perhaps not at all connected by time. Perhaps connected by space only. The current of the river, with no metaphors allowed.

Now THAT is a time restriction.

Anyway, it's been twenty-one years since the freedom to move through the cracks in the wall; this year's platinum is when it was actually inked.