Thursday 19 August 2010

Rote Angst 2.0 vs. (FDR×LBJ)²

The "Bo is a Commie" crowd are in the same league as the "don't worry, he's a ninja-chess master" enthusiasts...

...gasp! You don't suppose that The Rama® is playing a corporate shill by day just to lull us to sleep for the overnight underground-railroad October Surprise Revolution, do ya!?

Now that'd be some heelär Spiro C. Theorizin'!

Speekin' o' Witch: What would you do if you put your car in drive, and it crashed into the garage door behind you? Seems to me that if you don't recognize the creepiest similarity between pols sporting different monograms, then any freedom breathin' CEO will appear in every way distinguishable from Chairman Mao.

Irony of all ironies: The Nutsack-Suckers don't even know what makes them right! By extension, if it turns out that Bo Rama is the Commie-Nazi terrorist-Muslim Anti-Christ come to battle for the end of the universe (or whatever the fuck), it will have been a lucky guess. Because that profile fits any asshole who would be president.

I guess that's just the state of things; the state, of all things; The State in all things - if you get my drift.

A cliché for eternity by B. Dylan
according to Jimi's Experience