Sunday 19 September 2010

Gumption Contest

I know it's crass and puerile, and yet hope you had a good laugh. I'd like this to be a reminder to the Demographic that your party is just as rife with exclusionary frat-boy incivility as the next. In other words, other than faux foreboding nightmarish futures, you got nothin'.

Neither the candidate in question nor her opponent are going to have the gumption to suggest returning our men in uniform to the safety of their gaming consoles, so why should I give a fuck about whether or not the taxpayers funding their excursions enjoy a comfy domestic economy?

Don't fret the imaginary coming theocracy unless you have a serious alternative to the current one raging.

I mean, come on! Who can be any more full of shit than the presenter and presentee here:

Blair's right, though.* If anybody could have withstood the massive public criticism from having committed war-crimes it would be Bubba. Well, him and Dubya.

And Bill's right too. "Nobody is right all the time." he said. I like his describing making the decision to deploy military forces as having the decisions themselves "flying at you ninety miles a minute in a highly contentious atmosphere..."

Maybe being in their position is like having your own decisions exist as an entity all their own. Sounds like a good defense for soldiers caught dismembering innocent civilians.

And for those still worried about your disposable incomes, this award includes a hundred thousand US bucks.

There's your goddamn Sunday Paper.

*Unfortunately, the original vid, in which the former prime minister "makes the joke" I reference here, has been removed.