Thursday 27 January 2011

Donk, Donk, Elk!

A would-have-been oil heiress' blog has ended its relationship with labor journalist (blogger) Mike Elk, even if those ties were anything but financial. That his bio on the offending site lists him as being a union organizer does not necessarily lend irony to the fact that, like most of the contributors (bloggers), he never received a dime from them; a freelancer is his own union, organizing his own labor, picking his own scabs.

In that regard, HuffPo has never been labor friendly. Yet it has still managed to successfully brand itself "progressive", whatever that means. One need browse no further than its comments section to see what kind of electronic rag it really is.

Its average reader appears willing to criticize every single member of the president's cabinet, but somehow sees the Rama himself as being a bright star beyond the rest of the US Warporate Sycophancy, despite painfully overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

This demographic was opportunistically corralled into the fold shortly after Bonesman-light candidate John "bring it on" Kerry steered the boat swiftly into a barge in '04. During the Democratic Primaries four years later, HuffPo played both sides of the DLC fence: lending a proportional bias to the foreseeable nominee, but granting Clintonites a place to express their sense of enraged entitlement.

HuffPo is a microcosm of the mainstream media in general. That it gets a little Firedoggy and DailyKosey is a way to give her DNC-loyal base a vent. The latter are so busy obsessing over the likes of Sarah Palin that fantasies about hope have become more important than the repressed reality that their worst friggin' nightmare has come true.