Sunday 9 January 2011

The Image Nation:
on the banks of the Metonymic

Friends, locals, patriocrites:

I come to lay this nameless child to rest,
not to raise its dust from the ashes. The evil done by the individual is regenerative; the good incinerated with the explosives.

So let it be with this child.

How long would we like to continue this fiction?
Is not the call to murder parcel of the job description? "Nay!" you say, "For Washington gives the orders, not a man with a conscience."

But one who speechifies on CommonerTube is hastily assigned the name of rube. Is his alleged agitator not duly ambitious, having worn the sash with Alas** and carried the name Juneau (even if she hasn't stuck to her guns)?

My kingdom for a child
Might it be that our precious innocent, i.e. the one that belongs to US (as a bonus, born on our most solemn of holidays), if not simply the victim of circumstance, more likely the price we pay for Defense, both foreign and domestic?