Tuesday 18 January 2011

Just My Image Nation
Running Away with Me

Though I realize that anything which crosses our daily conscious path is fodder for the unconscious, I have no idea why I would dream the following scenario. It seemed to have been triggered by the impending marriage of Prince William. Not that I follow such stories; I'm only aware of the alliance having caught glimpses of press. I've never even bothered to read the captions below the photos, let alone the articles themselves.

As is the case with the recollection of dreams, or indeed in the dreams themselves, many images and occurrences had an either/or quality to them. As far as I remember, this segment lasted precisely as long as it does below, though I don't recall the specific dialog:

Two men standing face to face near a horse stable:
an uncle-cousin figure counseling a younger British prince.

They are discussing protocol or strategy/logistics (of the wedding and/or the life-arrangement to follow-- something along the lines of precisely how his future life in matrimony should best be organized in order to satisfy the expectations of his bride, his mother, the rest of the Royal Family, the Commonwealth,
and/or all of the above).

The exchange is friendly enough, though the prince does seem slightly challenged by the task before him, and the uncle's tone might be one of gentle admonishment.

The meeting concludes, the older figure departs, and the prince heads toward the stables.

Suddenly, a close-up from behind the prince as he turns to leave, a small bottle of whiskey poking clumsily from his back pocket, and with the adjacent hand he pats the bottle deliberately, slowly, as in avowal of a trusty old friend. On cue, the sound of canned laughter, as if this is no longer a dream, but a television show.

And that was it. Interestingly, there was no indication that the scenario was comedic in any way until the punchline. Yet it was a short scene that ended with a joke. A sketch. Who wrote it? More importantly: Why?