Wednesday 20 April 2011

Überwachungsstaat Berlin: a river
called 'Spree' runs through it

Guy on the left is the cop in charge of the Office of Assembly. They oversee demos an' whatnot.
Cop on the right mistakes 'im for an anarchist who showed up to demonstrate against the right-wingers who were also demonstratin'. Peppersprays him.

The question is: What'd the chief do wrong and does he consider whether or not this kind of thing happens regular-like?

The Story* (in German)

And here, the police report°, which is quite a hoot, I hafta tell ya. I've translated the pertinent paragraph below and, trust me, I was more than fair in doing so; but there's just no way to make the penultimate sentence sound any less ridiculous:
At about 1900 hours on Lipschitz-Allee several individuals evidently associated with the leftist scene pursued an out-of-uniform police officer and tried to attack him physically. In response, the official pulled his truncheon and struck an attacker on the thigh. A uniformed officer who had observed the assault hurried to the location. As a consequence of the application of the officially issued pepper spray, the plain clothes official suffered light ocular irritations and received outpatient treatment. The attackers fled.
Can you say a picture is worth a thousands words that you won't get anywhere else?

*°[Edit edit: previously dead links revived via archive.org for when both the "news" and "official" sources "fail" to archive]