Thursday 26 May 2011

The Image Nation: serving statehood

There are so many other more important things to worry about, and there's nothing to worry about, except everything. And that's not so important.

- Concurrent with the president's promise to veto Republican expansion of president's willy-nilly war waging comes the ratification by the Senate of the further expansion of said president's willy-nilly war waging power? Why should I worry? I am neither the primary target of the corps of news' thought experimentation, nor am I being pummeled with explosive rockets. Talk about winning! And if the police beat down anyone's door, it won't be mine.

- New German defense minister declares that part of the reformed general mission is to be one of "securing the world's energy resources"? This, after one of last year's presidents had to resign for suggesting the same thing? What do I give a shit? I use energy. I am the world!

- Hyundai strike broken and US hard-on for South Korean trade pact? So what? I am my own union. The reason I freelance is so that I can say "No, thank you." while thinking "Fuck you."

- Cognitive dissonance finally too much for the johnny-come-lately "Brother" Cornell West - a man who still can't quite accept that his keeper wouldn't have it any other way? Why should I in a million goddamn years give a flying rat's-ass-fuck? I didn't punch the chad or grease the screen for an abstraction of platform policies only to be disappointed later; let alone have I spat forth the crumbs from my bag of triangle pretzels, screaming at those who so clearly belong to me the rationale that supports the idea that they just don't get it.

- On the heels of the Alpha Phi Rama celebration of Hitler's demise, Bibi Net'em Yahoo garners more standing ovations from the joint session than a Donkaphant could shake a Churchill-stained poop-stick at? I've slept through louder concerts.

- A 250 kilo aerial bomb unearthed from beneath my neighborhood bridge, halting traffic at a spot between two parts of the city that hadn't been closed since prior to the fall of the Wall? Big whoop. I got a bike and ride wherever the hell I want. And we all gotta go sometime.

All hail those who have long realized that it is either pointless or useless or both. Not fruitless, though. Fruitful is all it is. But there's so much goddamn fruit that most of it is rancid. Long live the Lord of the Flies!

The information flooding the system is the result of a wager. What you see is just metaphor. Something out there seeks resistance. Something else, submission.

Eschatological paranoia is fueled by an awareness that others are enduring a personal apocalypse now, and that none familiar with its cause should remain immune to its effects.

But this earthly existence has always been heaven and hell. Human disappearance from the face of it will be merely the result of the passing of events.

It's clear that this has been spreading, but who saw the triggers? Everyone did. What's next? It doesn't matter. It really doesn't. Just images and sounds and material disturbances. Turn the volume down. Close your eyes. There are no cues to follow, no marks to hit, no furniture not to bump into.

There is no vote to cast. There is nothing more to be said. It is what it is. And what it is is all in the Image Nation.