Sunday 5 June 2011

das Humanum

I won't be riding in the big Sternfahrt this year either.

It's true that I used to cycle past the Siegessäule regularly, looking over my shoulder as I rode away, the foreground-background effect making Else look like she was really flying.

Those trips were largely inspired by this:

I suppose it is a shame that I am not moved to ride for the ride's sake, as I used to be. But today of all days is not the time to reintegrate one's love for humanity. Not for me.

You see, the risk is just too great that I will bemoan the Sternfahrt in the way that've led some to see New Year's revelry as amateur night. And it is all-too likely that I will look past the (potential) evolution in consciousness to the clouds: this makeshift pathway is in no way an improvement to the infrastructure, what with Monday morning's cross to bear.

As I told my brother in San Jose
I use my bike, point B to point A
Neither of them are those of a star
And I an angel, neither near, nor far