Saturday 24 September 2011

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a little bit longer

All translations (and interpretations) mine, and I tried to improve them a bit, giving more than enough credit where it might be due, linguistically speaking. After a long hard day of work, and after even longer night of the same: a word here, a thought there. It remained much the same::: for you...
and, by the way - I am aware how beautifully translated that last paragraph is (thank you very much)... which 'd make you wanna give one your chiddin's...
just that...
„Manche bleiben mit ihrem Blick auf die Kirche an ihrer äußeren Gestalt hängen,“
"Some get hung up on The Church's outward appearance,"

Not like anyone has ever tried to get a closer look, eh, Ratzinger?
„Wenn dann auch noch die leidvolle Erfahrung dazukommt, dass es in der Kirche gute und schlechte Fische, Weizen und Unkraut gibt, und der Blick auf das Negative fixiert bleibt, dann erschließt sich das große und schöne Mysterium der Kirche nicht mehr.“
"Add to that the distress of experiencing that there are good and bad fish in The Church - wheat and weeds [if you will] - and the view remaining fixated on the negative, then the great and beautiful mystery of The Church is no longer revealed."

'Look, we got enough problems. The Lord works in, uh, mysterious ways, and so do we's, forgedaboudit!'
„In Christus bleiben heißt, wie wir bereits gesehen haben, auch in der Kirche bleiben. Die ganze Gemeinschaft der Gläubigen ist in den Weinstock Christus fest hineinverfügt. In Christus gehören wir zusammen. In dieser Gemeinschaft trägt er uns und zugleich tragen alle Glieder sich gegenseitig. Sie halten gemeinsam Stand gegen den Sturm und geben einander Schutz."
"To remain in Christ means, as we have already seen, also to remain in The Church. The entire community in faith is firmly decreed in the vine of Christ. In Christ we belong together. In this community he carries us and, at the same time, all limbs carry each other. Together we maintain our position against the storm and protect one another."

Give me your children.

And this image should make you laugh. Like watchin' the ol' Pope at the ball game... he sellin' the mutha fuckin' hotdogs!