Monday 19 September 2011

Drehpunktakkord Kreisverband

Dear Diary,

I've been meaning to write this for a time, thought, in fact, I had scheduled it to go... and am now still having doubts. I'd reference the burning of the candle, being a bit loopy, but it feels like I've begun from the middle, and the wax is just melting outward, towards the ends. I can't see the ends for the wax. I know I'm still awake and know what day it is, but there is a part of me that doesn't trust it enough not to check, just to be sure. I just know that within the week I am going to wake up in a panic, believing, perhaps knowing, but not knowing, but believing I am late. Too late. Or worse, just late enough.

I have sat with CD Kreisverband Friedrichshain twenty-eight times over the last nine years which is a lot for me anyway - but especially since the ensemble is not fixed-member oriented; except for Ohmnoise (Markus), no one has performed at all of their stages. He is the Fripp in the Verband.

And he is sitting in jail.

I can neither confirm nor deny his guilt or innocence, nor would I if I could; suffice it to say that he is paying a financial judgment for having been the ostensible possessor of a few plants and the unfortunate neighbor of one who said so. He'll be sitting until the 13th, just three weeks past his birthday this coming Friday.

All hail law & order! (Translate that; it's hilarious, but ironically might get you jailed if you yelled it here on the street.)

Twenty-two of those twenty-eight performances included Michael Schmacke of Fake Masters fame. He happens to be a super-mondo animator and performer who also happens to be a historian and local Berliner who squatted his way into, and back out of, insanity.

And he's running for office.

In today's yesterday's election he is was seeking for the second time to represent his district as a member of the Bergpartei. (The candidate survey at that link is definitely worth a read. I can honestly say that I agree with him on all points and belly-laughed at all of his answers.)

All hail the Bergpartei! (It's funny 'cuz you don't have to.)

Sixteen of those shows included Olivia Pils aka Fake Mistress, whose group, F.A.R., I'm performing withon the 30th. And two of those included Kate Donovan; we'll be doing our monthly broadcast on the 27th. They are both inspiring artists, but neither is in jail or running for office.


by R. Thomas