Thursday 6 October 2011

Cosmic Conspiracy: Steady State
until frozen or something

There's this... problem...

...in not admitting (or being too armored not to protect yourself from admitting to yourself) what the problem is, and where the true danger lies. From whom the danger emanates.

It is not whether or not I deviate from a legally prescribed behavior that decides whether I run afoul of authority.

You have to admit to yourself just who that authority is before this conversation can reach a further understanding. That's not a demand. Just a fact. Now, before I go on, I would like to ask you, if you make it to the end of this diary entry, to come back to the beginning, here, and read these words:

You still here?

Just between us, this, yeah? Because I think we're in danger. And simply by saying so in this fashion draws attention to it which we DO NOT WANT at the moment.

This isn't like in a public space where we can assume nothing bad 'll happen cause too many people are around, or whatever. Okay, sure. I know they aren't gonna just grease me right here and now, obviously, that would be silly right? I represent no threat.

But can we admit, at least, that there are those that I could be a threat to - and this without so much as committing the slightest crime against the smallest of us, down to and including those who are dying at the hands of the all-important job-producing weapons industry at this very moment - as in, they are taking their final breath as you read. This. Word. No? Have I lost you already?

Or, I dunno. Did you come here alone? Suddenly, I don't feel so comfortable anymore. Do you know him, over there?

Let's just change the subject. I'm only as much of a threat as I choose to be, right? Fuck! Like there's any other subject! It'll keep coming back to that.

So, anyway, what else is goin' on, huh? How about that "Occupy Wall Street", huh? Anybody see that, seen what's goin' on there?

Seems to be gathering up it's own steam. Sorta - creatin' it's own momentum, yeah, anybody seen this? Really impressive. As soon as Steve Jobs is done being dead, it'll be right back up at the top of webpages other than the one extolling the greatness that is Michael Moore.

As a matter of fact, just the other day, the Bo Raaaamaa Administration actually said something about it...

...but nobody really knows what that was, exactly, but'cha-know...

MoveOn, huh? What do ya think about this MoveOn?

I dunno. Me? I find it a bit too DailyKosy, to be completely honest. Strikes me as a bit "How can we move them on to our bandwagon" that we're kind of trying to build back up again, now that it's time to crank up the donation engines. Time to get to work, right? I'm sure they'll manage to co-opt the "Occupy Everything" spirit for their brand. Hope does something eternal, no matter how many murders it commits and who gets bonuses for it.

Or is it "Move on, nothing to see here!"

Aw, come on. It can be both, yeah? A rallying cry and a distraction.

Hey. That's a great slogan: WE'RE A RALLYING CRY AND A DISTRACTION

Except people don't like that "distraction" part. Better only use that when referring to "them".

Them! Fucking lowlife bastards. They'd just love you to get hung up on all of that shit, right now, wouldn't that just be perfect!

And people buy it!! They're so stupid...

Pssst! Hey you. Over here.

You alone? Cool. Come over here, closer. You ever heard of the weapons industry?

Wait. Shhh. What was that?

Hey, I was only talking about the littlest part. Not the whole shebang. So holster yer pissers, there, US Cowboys.

(are they still looking at me?)

Nothing to see here. I'm just talking about the tiniest insignificant, relative to the sheer worldwide numbers, minuscule, really, to be honest. I'm talking next to nothing, just a little arms between the Germans and Greeks, you know. Nothing to do with the, uh, recent financial situation or nothing like that. Even if you do see the goombahs standing around at all the official state dinners and whatnot.

Who'da thunk, that amidst all the to and fro with the BIG EURO CRISIS that the two biggest actors in the play would find time (and money) to sign off on heavy artillery as part of those austerity measures?

Come on, you guys! You're not gonna wack me. Not when you let this Pelzig guy, expose this very fact, and in doing so, so gloriously dressing down such a valuable (if decreasing in value, apparently) FDPer in front of a live audience, not to mention the millions who were watching at home. I mean he actually called it out on nationwide television.

Look at him, not me!! The link's up there. It's in German. Sorry. (But I really do recommend all 66 minutes of it. If nothing else, it is worth seeing the FDP boss pale, sickly, even scared and lost. We know he's expendable. I take comfort in that.)

And if it were not buried in the middle of so much other bullshit - this show from Pelzig, I mean - it would have been worth the required payment to the public broadcasters (soon to be, oddly enough, automatically deducted from each German household, keep your fingers crossed). That's what's great about public broadcasting: All the political parties are represented. Again and again. And again.

So good timing the last several weeks with this Pelzig guy. Great heart. Funny guy. Glad he got his own program. Really rips each party member equally, like any great cabaretist should.

(Read the next paragraph with this in mind: Small potatoes. What're you gonna do about it?)

But most importantly, he had the guts to lay bare this tidbit and force the Free Democrat chief into stammering, what is it, Herr Brüderle - a mere 3% of exports? Pfft. Peanuts! And that this one transaction, just a sliver of that export total, might have been a part of any implied deals one way or the other? Fully absurd!

Of course not. Politics is not gangsterdom, after all. That'd be like sayin' that nothin' is really on the up and up, know what I'm sayin'? Nahhhh. It ain' like that.

And, anyways, even if it was, we're only talking about this little nickle and dime shit between Greece and Germany, who both have interests with the, uh, Turks, er, I mean, you know... relationships with this girl Turkey (who Greece happens to think is a bitch btw but Turkey know they just hoes anyhow).

Things are complicated, don'tcha know and let's not louse-it-all-up all the more with uncomfortable conversations about it. They is money d'be made!

We are all NATO, after all. And we all know that THAT is on the up and up.

No question. Lower your guns, fellas. WINK.