Thursday, 15 December 2011

Joseph [6pac]K

Still believe votes are what they clamor for? Then you might imagine that Rama House was floating this turd to gage the reaction of those still inclined to cast one for the incumbent next November. Not me. I tend to think that by now his handlers must be aware nothing he says or does will push them away.

To the extent they're paying attention at all, their focus remains steadfastly upon Bo Rama's heroic Mesopotamian shell game and the outrage that, under a Republican president, homosexuals might be denied the right to patriotic murder. Then of course there's the talk of the Rama leading [the] US to some kind of tax-utopian promised land...
Damn! Foiled again!

He could still veto the defense bill. Within the democracy paradigm, this would seem like a no-brainer: It'd score him ballot-loads of points with those desperate to be able to proudly declare their reasons for voting for him when doing the legwork to get him reelected. But as has been adequately demonstrated, there is nothing he can do that would keep them from trying anyway.

As regards Talking Points Memo and the concept behind its name, their readers' Irony-Radar Disconnect is hilarious, what with the handwringlibbing of progapologists desperately trying to figure out what their line is supposed to be.

Check it out (emphases all mine):


"They just won't stand-up for what they say their beliefs are."
This is remarkable in that the "what they say" part of that comment at least implies the possibility of dishonesty in lieu of spinelessness (as if anybody reading TPM had enough spine not to vote D).

"My big problem here is you think the GOP doesn't mean it with the language that may or may not still be in the bill. If it passed they'd love it. Imperial America here we come."
Shouldn't that be: Here we may or may not be coming? I wonder if he sees the "littler problem" that Democrats coauthored and voted for the bill.

"You are a friggin liar!"
This, from the angry Dem who's tired of losing because of those too weak in their resolve to snort the Party line.

And here, somebody's got "YOU LIE" Lady's back:
"What many Democrats don't always realize is that the GOP plays with them by pandering to their fears just like they do to their base. So they will spread misinformation they know will upset Democrats in order to weaken support for the POTUS.

I think people should take that into account and ask themselves if some upsetting news that makes them angry at a Dem leader was specifically targeted that way or not."
Oh noes! Does this mean the Rama is now losing that game of Chessnth?

Finally, in chimes the voice of reason with the we're ignorant until Bo Rama explains otherwise bit:
"We're being presumptuous about this. We don't know how it's been changed, so to say he should veto or not is impossible."
Impossible, I tell ya!!


But serially folks: It doesn't matter whether or not this bill gets passed. The uniforms - with their guns & hoses, tasers & sprays, deafeners & blinders, and drones & known-unknowns - can do whatever they want as things stand now. They don't need no stinkin' statutes!

If the nevertheless godhead-worshiped Executive issues not a peep about the locally sprayed & blasted but lauds the occasional international impalement - while the Whore of State barnstorms her sanctioned-disapproval of human rights abuses everywhere abroad (whether they still have relations with our whores or not), extolling her compatriots' record at home by way of example -, a law that would intern dangerous Yank Yoo-Toobers from sea to shining sea - while not going quite far enough - would be a step in the egalitarian direction. I mean, fair is fair.