Wednesday 7 December 2011


If I hadn't read it at priNtin’t’fYT® reMedial Interpreters of All Things Most Important to You, Those Who Think of Yourselves as Middle Class, I wouldn't have believed it.

Seems candidate Bo Rama is getting his groove on. At a stop in Isawahomie, Heartland, USATM, he actually interrupted the speech he was giving and, pointing out a gang-rape occurring right beside the campaign stage, decried it as, "just too much!"

This seemed to get a rise out of the crowd in the traditionally conservative town, none more-so than those in his own entourage who could be seen pleasuring themselves beneath their suit slacks. It is still being hotly contested whether they were masturbating to the speech, or to the rape, but one of the rapists was observed entering the presidential limo before it departed.
"All aboard!"