Monday, 2 January 2012

The Right to Remain

Bo Rama has expressed having "serious reservations" about signing the bill which establishes Serious Reservations. And being the greatest wordsmith in the history of material existence, he's able to cut the ribbon to an indefinite detention complex, while promising not to have any Yanks thrown in it.

His signing statement gives his loyalists plenty of points to argue, for sure, even if they are only on behalf of the president AND NO ONE ELSE. What they won't admit is that they used to be opposed to the application of the very policies in this law irrespective of one's status of citizenship.

This shouldn't surprise anyone with critical thinking skills. We live in a world where one country's testing of a projectile is bigger & scarier news than another country's using explosive missiles as a matter of routine to actually kill barely countable, if not countless living human beings.

Put simply: The Rama's supporters are the scariest of the scary, because they are more dishonest and further gone than all the other bogeymen combined.