Thursday, 16 February 2012

Naked Shorts

Some people consider it a successful day if they can lay their heads down thereafter with a residual sense of purpose. Some consider it a successful day if they muster the will to live it at any point of its course; getting to bed in the evening still wanting to be alive is a bonus.

One can easily forget that to have a bed is a fortune. One can just as easily receive this as a nagging reminder which leads to the day's early and unsuccessful end.

What makes inspiration renewable might be a readily available purpose that is not the same as the inspiration itself; that is, the source of inspiration lends a distinctly different motivating object. For if the source is the sole inspiration, what follows is obsession, not motivation.

With this comes the thought that it would be best to maintain awareness of all that is relative, yet be able to compartmentalize all the same. To frolic through the wood without getting hung up on forest or tree. To hold on, and to let go.