Friday 27 April 2012

Drawing the Future Near

Nearly clarified, it's not quite manifest, barely a flicker. Believe it here, and it's as clear as your sun. To some, an attachment near and dear. To others, nothing at all.


Nothing un-foregone, just roads not traveled. Rote less travailed. Neural paths unetched. This applies only to you, here. Now.

Take history: Some you accept and some you resist. Sketch that out and compare notes with your neighbor: The divergences represent uniquely activated neural pathways per host, display differently drawn choices toward the present, and make up the only future each will know respectively.

Look at me, or anyone else. You see your future arriving. I look at you and see mine. But I am not yours, and you are not mine. We create, each of us, a world known subjectively. Objectivity is known of.

And that's the path not taken: It is there. So it has to have been cleared and traversed. Even if you can't see it.