Tuesday 10 April 2012

Muslin and Latter-Day Lace

If you've been checking in here long enough, you knew it as far back as last October. Those were the times, eh? My point being, that if you hadn't already known it, you knew it then, because I knew it.

Or: Because the press knew it, we all knew it: the butcher, the baker, and the Schumann.

So the questions:
Are the Powers That Be officially declaring the illusion of choice a relic of post-late millennial bipartisan unchecked balances?

Is the post-racial leader of the befreed world - also known to you as the high-ty Bo Rama (in word & deed) - to be the last US president chosen under the auspices of this exceptionally patented democratical vo-ting system?

Is Diebold (or whatever they go by these days) redundant or hwut? (Were they ever not?)

Do you stop eating Ravioli just because SpaghettiOs offers a version with meatballs?

Hells to the Oh noes! Cuz ₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥ lives!

I'll grant you that the similarities are this time too great for even DonkLIBprogs to ignore, even if they continue to whistle through ThinkProgress' graveyard. (Though, jus' between us, I suspect the Mormin would kill a little less fruitfully than the Muslin.)

However, to do my part, I am cranking up my ₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥ campaign with the following idle threat: Send your cash-money bid to me along with your choice for (at a minimum) the Office of President of the United States or I will off you in your sleep.

This is a ₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥, goddamnit!

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