Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cinema con Carne w/ Bun Control

Let's see: You and your landspeople pool together your resources and spend an easy eleven-figures annually making weapons whose sole purpose it to kill people, then you contract your kids (most barely legal young men & women) to use them on strangers - the most hotly-debated sense of equality in this regard being whether or not your men-children should be allowed to proudly declare that they're queer before pulling the trigger on a gallery of those strangers, or, using the most sophisticated of your technologies, playing Filet a Family whilst cranking something called Death Metal through something called "earbuds" - the logistics of which involves what they might've been doing at sleepovers with grammar school chums, but now with an extraordinarily groomed sense of honor, and a legality based solely on the location of those strangers, a location made familiar not in any Geography lesson, but by way of something called "tv programming", where heroic cop dramas play out next to serious discussions about who all your enemies might be today and tomorrow, and contests between multimillion dollar sports personalities who'd be damned if they didn't solemnly praise these actions before every ballgame, and multibillion dollar advertisers making sure that your idea of liberty is sitting on the beach with those ear buds crammed tighter, washing it all down with a cool Bud Lite.

Do you think that that same state you pool the resources for - a state that will give you all the armaments you could ever have a nightmare about as long as you are willing to fulfil the above contract - should be doing more to keep you from having the same arsenal anywhere near the chili dogs? Sounds like you got your priorities all in a row.