Friday, 17 August 2012

When Bubba invoked Isis

In which any address is fatal
One score minus six years ago, a Virginia landed gentry's namesake, and reigning heir to his throne, summoned forth from a seat of great judgment the power of the Egyptian goddess of magic, conceived in desperation and dedicated to the proposition that, all things being equal, while appearances may be deceiving, the deception may not appear, as intentions may vary.

This would be of little note in his ultimate liberation from the theater of his Senate, and it won't deliver him from the ultimate earthly fate, for the people shall perish from the planet, a legacy whose name is not just her longest river.

[It was brought to my attention that this anniversary video was incomplete, i.e. "out of context". I apologize for this oversight, which has since been corrected, the updated video re-embedded. Enjoy the context.]

Sworn on this day, 17 August, in 1998