Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rigaerous Stranding

A few shots & stray thoughts
of one of what remains
to be seen of Rigaer Straße,

And a look from the far end
for a precursory perspective,
in the opposite direction.

Also, going slightly reverse-wards in time,
in terms of the date of the image recorded,
another location times two:

One, in the 'Hain,
two in the Mitte,
the middle, the source of the action.

(as it's often - provided with loving care via Hover-Fun
(w/out a cooperating peruser, it's only half as much))
A Crossing  /  A Crossword

Parked  /  At the Edge

At the Edge  /  Entry to Courtyard

Edition's Facade  /  Through the Window

Down at Holtei-/Boxhagener-
Freudenberg dances
another way round
to the same essential concern.
Developing Neighborhood Garden  /  It's Cropping Up

Planning  /  Divesting

Longer forgone,
short the money in the bank,
on a bank of the Spree
at the top of (the) B r e i t e Straße

Upon anyone's grave
save the Emperor's,
A man still, who speaks
of buoyant joy

Of those who cry
at the baby boy
Who Would Be King
His House is erected...
Being Built's a Castle  /  HERE!

Fencing for a Palace  /  "On guard!"

Eine Grub für ein Schloss  /  an der Spree geschlossen


I have to wonder if - short the insurance of a backup heir - Catherine might regardless go the way of Di.

Behave yourself, Kate. That's no Jerry Maguire you're fuckin' with.

We du have tunnels in Berlin.