Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Duke's Adieu

George Duke joined the 67 club two days ago by succumbing to leukemia. If his music's not your thing, but you wouldn't mind a tender bon voyage, skip to the last video. Otherwise, here's a longer goodbye barely belated:

A smooth and sweet and reel cleen version of
Rush Hour/Road Rage

Getting a little sloppy with Stanley Clarke and Herbie Hancock

Going back to School Days - more with Stanley Clarke

Doing their best Bootsy with Dukey Stick!

Reaching Out with the keytar and singing while dealing with everyday physical challenges like unraveling the mic cable

Reaching Out almost twenty years later, moved by the crowd's replacing the backing vox gone from the stage, and integrating audience participation that normally doesn't work for me

Checking the time @4:54 during his Brazilian Love Affair

Talking about working with Miles Davis and playing something he wrote for one of his albums (a better version of the latter below this one)

A better document of Cobra that followed the above into

A Token of His Extreme with Frank Zappa in 1974 in an interesting but annoyingly edited video - his solo @7:30

Reminiscing about the influence of Frank Zappa

Doing King Kong with Jean-Luc last August at Zappanale

Walking one last time with his Dukey Stick and Cubanismo! and Rachelle Ferrell

Promoting his last album, Dreamweaver, released just two weeks ago; talking about having lost his wife last year and what it meant to the creative process; summing up his artistic life; foreshadowing this bittersweet moment