Saturday, 9 November 2013

Head Saint One-Eye

Today's entry is a stroll through Ostkreuz,
essentially up Hauptstraße in Lichtenberg.
All pictures flip when cursored over.

First an establishment shot of the main street of interest.

The hover image is of a skateboard and basketball park on Hauptstraße, which is directly behind you as you face the street sign.

Next, a view toward Hauptstraße from several meters back, with the skate ramp on the left. In the distance are containers for brown, green, and clear glass non-deposit bottles. The latter, apparently, in greater abundance.

Most of the hovers are closeups of something in the first image.

As we head back toward the street...

...and then around the soft corner to the left, there's this lovely building I call "Head Saint One-Eye" because of the street name (Haupt = head) & address number 1i, the latter of which you'll see in a moment.

Below is the building, the first of several pics featuring the Ostkreuz water tower in the background.

And again, cropped.

The hover is a poor shot from the front. It was here that it began to rain, again, which made photography difficult.

Here's a shot of the first door at Hauptstraße 1i - or Head St. One-Eye. The hover is a tight shot of the note on the door, which is translated below.

Since the courtyard party, our stroller is missing!
We need it very much because our small daughter
cannot yet walk on her own!! Please give it back!
Staircase 1H!

One eye, and no baby buggy.

A short distance down the street looking back at the building.

The hover is a 180 degree pivot, heading farther up the road.

Continuing on, just a stone's throw away, we come to the Kynast Bridge.

First we'll go under the bridge to the other side where one entrance to the S-Bahn station Ostkreuz can be found.

The hover is bicycle parking behind us across the street.

Now, let's go back under the bridge the other way to the stairs that lead up onto Kynastbrücke.

The hover is the immediate view as you reach the top and look across the bridge. That's the way home to Friedrichshain.

Finally, in the last shot below and its corresponding hover-shot, we get an overview of where we just came from, with Head Saint One-Eye taking residence near the top center of the image. Hauptstraße runs roughly parallel to that train, at least for the short stretch we followed.

The final hover photo elongates because of the height differential between the two pictures. Flipping from the main pic to the hover is like turning your head to the right, away from the main image to the other side of the bridge, looking at Ostkreuz Bahnhof from up top.

Beyond the right side of the tower peeking up from behind the station is Berlin-Kreuzberg.