Sunday, 25 May 2014

Randomly Shifting the Conundrum About

A wise ancient once said, "There are things."

It's easy to take for granted just how defining that grunting was. For in this age, the acknowledgment of the existence of stuff has been buried beneath the strata of the verification of other things: anti-things and supplements so bafflingly non-complementary that some assume we can never know them. And while well-funded researchers strive to understand these other things, yet another never-extinct faction insists that it's all part of an ancient forgotten.

It would seem, at least, that we can never know these other things as things. Or can we?

The thing about "the thing is" is that there only need be a thing, which doesn't actually have to be anything other than a thing. But here's the thing: "Ain't nothin' but a thing" and "Ain't no thing" are the same thing (no matter how you choose to interpret the double negatives).

Now, mind ye, I ain't sayin' that's easy-peasy, end-of-story, problem solved, turn off the TEEvee and get on t' bed. Just that relative to the overall dilemma, this particular issue is not unresolvable. It is but, rather, once again, a making of your own making.

The gods, those devils. Accursed circulationists. Leaving you alone to figure out that, to figure it out, you got to make them up, yourself up, to make it all the fuck up as you go along, to get along. Only you could conjure out of nothingness the tediousness of getting hacked on-line.

Forget Heaven. If you don't want to spend eternity in Hell, you will have to profess unconditional fealty to the one who arranged the gathering of all your personal meta-data to be assessed on your eventual day of judgment. Maybe this is why people choose heroes amongst figures of authority; they prefer the tepid comfort awarded to those who take their jailer for a savior.

Beats giving up your freedoms.


Ne'r cessarily a prescriptivist dictation of language...
Id'n'a rig o' raggy blokes
did takes in tooks
and speaks to spokes
all rand thee map wit' makers marks
f'rever makin' stakes f'r starks


Channeling information through news dissemination services funnels opinion through mediated corrective lenses. The truth is not put on the table. The space under the table extends through, and to the ends of the earth. Crusty sediment of truth upon sentiment of the same, its identification is difficult enough, but the undertaking itself is... If you knew the truth, you wouldn't speak its name aloud. But you may leave it in the comments section if you like.


an anagram
a cab enforced serene fit


My Foo
If things get more extreme
Than we've heretofore seen
We'll deal with it,
Or not.


Couplets only
altering the reception of music through standardized purveyance of pitch
constraining the patience of time through the insertion of marks on a disc


Approaching a problem from the ego includes the sympathetic eye towards a person.

Accepting the idea that none has free will does not mean one shouldn't criticize actions seemingly from without, or that trying to improve the world is pointless.

Release all desire and expectation.
Do whatever the hell you want.
By all means, VOTE!


Zur Europawahl 2014
Auf den Kopf gepisst zu werden,
das ist was, dass kein Spaß macht.
Herrn Gottes Piss am Kopf zu tragen,
macht kein Spaß, ich sag dir das.

Speaking of layering authority upon authority, subordinating one semi-representative version to another more-or-less representative version depending on who's being represented, and the employment of double-reverse & treble negatives in crustye olde-speake: the EU elections are today.

I took this photo and its corresponding hover shot at the scene of the worst fire I'd ever seen, engulfing the twentieth of a twenty-one floor highrise.

I felt sickly watching the massive flames bellow forth from the large withered window high above. Prior to the arrival of the firefighters from a short street-block away, the corner was bespeckled with concerned citizenry, many of whom, taking matters into their own hands, snapped images of the fire with their phones so smart.

This lady knows something. I paraphrase her important witnessing:

"There was fire."