Monday 9 June 2014

rundum Friedrichshain Vergleiche

For historical, historical historical perspective, it was over six years ago that Stine aka KAK entreated me to take this photo to make this comparison. She lived just off Besarinplatz, the kind of "just off" that would place her not so far off so as to place her too far off not to be colloquially called "on" Besarinplatz, though not directly on.

When I told her I had this photo in my Friedrichshain calendar, her proprietary sense of community KAK'd in. So this exercise might never have started had it not been for her/that/this.

Besarinplatz was Baltenplatz in 1941

Stine still lived "there" in 2008

She had me come around to her place, not too far off from where she and Aunt Wally (from the older photo) are pointing in their respective shots (Aunt Wally's being more accurate on the Y axis, Stine's slightly closer on the X). We used her camera.

The most difficult part was finding a still corresponding orientation point. A number of the buildings on the right were no longer there, the Litfaßsäule (advertising column) was likewise gone, a bike path was present that hadn't been, indeed, the entire layout including the roundabout itself appears to have shifted a bit, and the building over Stine's right shoulder was entirely new, if closer to its predecessor's spot. We took a lot of shots before settling on the building range along Frankfurter Allee in the far background as a central comparison.

So the first shot in this series (though it's not much of a series given that I've only done it a dozen or so times out of the dozens of photos available) was the most difficult, but probably the most fun.

Since then, a default downgrade to point-seven & one pixels has been in effect. I'm no photographer. Nevertheless I carry on. The historical historical images are my own scans of the printed hard-copy, which is likewise a downgrade from the print.

I've cloned many other images of Friedrichshain and displayed them in this diary, some with extra *htmelly featurying, some notsomuch, but the only ones so far that have made it into the category of the titular allusion are those inspired by those from the calendar.

Besarinplatz, Berlin-Friedrichshain - March 2008


*I began to create the cursor/arrow hover/rollover thing a bit later, but retroactively changed the earlier entries correspondingly whenever such minute comparisons seemed deemed appropriate.

And still later than that, and less so retroactively, I began the habit of doing it twice (once in each direction) for those who might not be able to enjoy the hover effect.