Thursday, 31 July 2014

In Search of... w/ Leonard Nimoy

Episode 02.26, transcript:

Today we'd like to explore something that is otherwise so much taken for granted that we not only do not talk about it, it is simply not dealt with until there is no alternative -- sometimes when it is too late, causing devastating physical, emotional, and psychological repercussions. When compared to the other mysteries that accompany our lives, the fact that it has heretofore remained unexamined on this very program only adds to its aura of mystery.

Though it is a stress of the most personal kind, it is prevalent in each and every one of us. We are willing to partake of its root cause with enthusiasm, consequences be damned, even though surveys consistently reveal it as an effect we would rather do without. A particularly intriguing aspect of those same surveys is that seemingly only the most neurotic among us give it much thought, whereas a greater detailed analysis would indicate that, paradoxically, the most neurotic among us might more likely be the ones who avoid thinking about it at all. It is this contradiction that has led researchers to the conclusion that the average human being is indeed sane, but only relatively.

Today's disquieting mystery is a constant companion. Like any other stress, we try not to take it to bed with us, at least not consciously. But often enough, there it is... when we wake up, and it even invades our dreams. It's hard to plan a normal day around it, and you won't find it on any task list or in any scheduler. It is nevertheless a steady reminder from the day we are born until our final moment when we let it go once and for all.

I refer to, of course, the psychic phenomena of peepee-poopoo.


Gitch'ner Klo, Berlin-Kreuzberg - 2014

Gitchener Klosett, Berlin-Kreuzberg - 2014