Friday, 19 September 2014

Depend Ants

To daze online media surrounds the Scots in the pen dance, with imagery, images, post-analytical slogans and the like. We begin with...

All that Jazeera

The Yes'ers No, Sir said the Beeb be biased.

But so is everyone. There is something ominous about the mantra "No to independence", hence the title of this entry.

While the Guardian scrolls abundance...

...you can hover on this one to see a contrast of reaction...

...and All that PrintiN' to fYT will not be outdone...

...capturing at least one moment of despondence...

...among shiny happy people & smiling pretty girls with flags.

...the press in general angles the celebration. What do you reckon the old grey lady has on her print edition?

Being Independent, and in on the action...

...or in LA, where by default they're always a day behind...

...with that lovely weather.

What does it tell you that the same photos get circulated from outlet to outlet?

We wouldn't be online without AriannaOnLine, who get the America's two languages of the rejection correct.  (hover)

Is that "Bueno" o "No es bueno", AOL? Tell us, because we need to know.

Neighbors to the north have independence concerns in spades.

They get the "Democracy is Awesome" version.

I tucked Germany behind Japan because only two people ever read Huff Po Deutschland...  (hover)

...which could be roughly translated to "Blow it out your ass."

In case you're wondering, the line at the top of the Japanese version means 'September 19, 2014 in the US and in the UK '19 September 2014'.

Le Huff provides the most, both for my hover-image purposes, and the interpretation of text with picture...  (hover)

...a French twist on a Brit paint job and dependent dissension all-in-one. Wait? "disent" means "say"? So I guess the mantra here is no different.

Leave it to the e-boulevard Bild to give us blonde on Blondine action.

Nobody does it better than the 'bloids. Not in that they feature up front what most others don't, but because they keep consumers who look down their noses at them feeling justified in their superiority...
...and what they see as their superior taste in media, and superior politics, and superior attitude while looking down their noses at others, this time, ironically, being in declared majority of those paying attention.

And that apparently is all you need to celebrate.

Everyone has a clueless opinion about what is none of their business & no opinion about what is their business because their told what is & isn't their business day-in & day-out in as superficial a fashion as is all the rage. Under such conditioning, you would expect anyone to choose dependence... even when they don't.