Wednesday 17 December 2014

Leased Her

You be, like, the King & Queen of removing postes. Keep in mind — however, of course, or what have you, and the like, if you will — that those of us who get email notifications done gonna see them anyhow.

D'you think we couldn't take it, or d'ya jus' wanna remove the posterity of death's breath along the blogshore?

The first vid was inspiring "?" enough until non-objective reality sunk in from the zone that can't relate even by oracular osmosis or (what was that word – vicarious?) but only just so. The kernel of truth, acceptance, did not discontinue resonating its depths. I spent as much pondering my own stages removed as contemplating where you see, let alone find yourself.

Along that path imagined life's, nee, living's little periods broken down more the closer you creep, into tiny, unmanageable segments — per some law of diminishing stairs, in perpetuity. Am I twelfth from the end or twelve hundred, wishing at once for the shoe to remain on the other foot while it drops as silently as we sleep?

Remember empathy? My mind keeps shoving it aside as if it were cutting the queue. How do I recover from thee? Let me count the steps...

One thing I know relative: See you soon!

Warschauerstr. 20, Berlin-Friedrichshain - 1910 (hover - 2014)