Friday 9 January 2015

Je Suis Cheap Charlie

In solidarity with some cartoonists because they are dead.

#because "you're either with these guys or with those guys" suddenly makes so much sense

#because free speech means I have to say something all the time

#because attaching to a pithy slogan my complex thought on a matter couldn't possibly negate nuance

#because tailoring my speech to fit a reactionary moment couldn't possibly be the curtailment of free speech

#because feeling browbeat into solidarity with hate speech couldn't also mean that the terrorists win

#because in spite of what I'd like it to seem, I foster a subconscious desire to demonstrate that I am as something-or-another as the next guy and challenge you to be the same

#because the cultural landscape makes me fear I have to brandish identification with one thing because of another thing I had nothing to do with

#because surely my professed bravery belies my deceitful cowardice

#because callously provoking without being thought provoking is even more brave

#because even if the victims of the newest wave of islamophobic violence inspired by these murders are alienated by the even larger wave of Charlie avatars, it's still nobody's fault but theirs

#because I saw cherry-picked, racy depictions of assorted church leaders and right-wingers and have come to the conclusion that these were equal opportunity offenders who deserve to be placed on a pedestal with every other demagogue I've been conditioned to respect without thinking

#because being so proud of my evangelical Atheism is on par with being high from a priest's incense-spewing scepter up my ass twenty-four motherfucking seven

#because this is the first mass-murder ever

#because the content of the cartoon doesn't matter! This is about free speech for everyone... as soon as they are killed by "Muslims"

#because extra-judicial murder carried out by an org of military states is in no way denial of free speech of the murdered - and, anyway, I couldn't find their cartoons

#because Chelsea Manning is not still in prison for having revealed to the world that the US kills journalists with the enthusiasm of a racist-gaming cartoonist console

#because I couldn't just keep tweeting "murder is wrong" every day

#because all of my Facebook friends think "colonial" means that bread they loved when they were kids

#because I just woke up... again. It's like the beheadings, but more nine-elevenly!