Sunday 11 December 2016

So lemme get this straight...

The thesis of the exhortation to mind & disregard what's been marked "fake news" is that you should consider the source, first, before bothering with details which awareness thereof, when spurious, might do too much harm to be worth consideration.

You might assume that in front of- & behind this potentially injurious information are abused and abuser. You could sympathize with the unwittingly taken in, insofar as they are the abused, holding your antipathy for the abusive fakery makers. Even then you might yourself become progressively hateful toward the consumers of the same at the point whereupon the abused become abusers by sharing the lies with wilful, harmful hate. Surely these creatures are at their core a deplorable bunch whose prejudices were already of a vile nature. Naturally, then, the originators of these fabrications must be ornery of heart & soul.

Of course I am talking about the CIA. The organization hiply referred to as "the company" has as Step 1 in their mode of operations the manufacture of untruth. The employees designated "agents" or "assets" do one thing more than anything else on the job and that is misrepresent. As a group, as well, they "cover" their actions by disseminating a distortion of reality through mouthpieces & spokespeople. In a nutshell, they are molecularly and monumentally predisposed to living a lie.

A free press disposed to covering the real news & uncovering facts by taking an adversarial approach toward those who would hide them would do well not to cover the news by either abdicating their incredulity toward a suspicious source, or knowingly distributing what they're told, so as to establish or maintain insider-access to do more of the same.

As has been, however, the rumblings of reality from the free press stay largely dormant until the most obstinate adversaries within the industry have been mocked as fake newsers and ridiculed to suicide for, to take this one example, daring to insist that their own intelligence agency's long-held open secret of drug trafficking included the initial creation of the crack cocaine culture in the underclass of Los Angeles. Even then, the burial plot was rented for a generation before its skeleton saw the light of day.

News cycles are dominated by the Company line, leaving under wraps such details as the American spies' perfection of techniques for torture and proclivity for human experimentation (at the end maybe merely means to barely to be believed projects in mind control), and central to today's news, as well, there's the overthrow of democratically elected governments including but by no means limited to Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Cuba.

It's too soon to talk about the true extent of what went on in Libya and Afghanistan, because unlike the more recent rumblings of rumor regarding Russian interference in US electoral politics, the misdeeds of the Agency of Intel stay cloaked until the agency itself decides it's time to tell some truth.

So what now to believe when a company spokesperson regales of the Russian-hacked communications of the American political parties followed by the targeted leak by assets of Moscow for the purpose of swinging the American election? Well, the American press for the most part is geared to spin click-worthy yarns of intrigue & deception, not on the part of the the source of the story, but those who leaked the info that's been deemed so damaging, from the Democratic perspective, as it were.

Interestingly, going back to their release, very little effort was ever made by the Democratic Party to dismiss the information in the leaked emails as having been fabricated. So they're part of the fake news, but not fake themselves. Conversely, I guess, going forward, just as little effort will be deemed necessary to substantiate the veracity of the claim that "the Russians" did the hacking.

Most tellingly, moreover, is that "muddying the waters" was, if not the lone tactical tenet of the Clinton campaign, central anyway to having a beneficiary by the name of Trump. This man, who's surely a symptom of the empire from which the CIA makes its proclamations, would seem to be a sure sign of the apocalypse given the alliance of human endeavor involved in removing his legitimacy to the throne of his office.

And for every advocator of torture or violator of human rights he's said to be mulling for inclusion in his court, cabinet, or extended executive purview, to thank is the office's Incumbent, who maintained that he didn't want the "extraordinarily talented" people at the CIA "to suddenly feel like they’ve got spend their all their time looking over their shoulders.”

In other words, you cannot prosecute the state's official folk torturing apparatus. If you're one of the 50 million or so who he specifically and rather emphatically warned to hold his feet to the fire, the question to his stated belief that “we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards” would have been then, as now, "What are we looking forward to?"

If you were so inclined, however, you could consider the source of this innuendo of Kremlin coordinated coup d'état and disregard it, lest the info poison your otherwise sound spirit. Thereby you'd spare yourself the torture of trying to figure out why an organization of such enormous secrecy would bring a matter of most precarious international discord to air via an organ that publishes what's called "all the news that's fit to print".