Sunday 19 March 2017

Coballed Fists' Sundae Mass

"Willkommen bei Bürger King. May I take your order?"
"Hm. Yeah... I'd like the Holy Spirit, please."
"Sorry, we're all out of the Holy Spirit. Would you
care to try our Unholy Spirit?"

For an hour of your taxes, you can have the value meal. And for an hour of your salary I can make a some kid in the Congo power my every untethered swipe for a daily wage equal the tax on your Nestlè Pure Life® water. Or make his mother bear a mermaid, to be pickled in a jar 'cuz, even if we're not so good at learning our lessons once they're safe inside a glass, they'll at least be preserved for some future generation to de-emphasize how fucked up we were based on our times' context.

Caused. Lost. Found. Saved.
Freed, redeemed resolved.
Salvation means dissolved.

Kinder und ihre schlechtes Draufsein sein
a solution of blood and wine
east of Eden, well south of Alabama.

Nowhere near that godforsaken gulf where
they're losing they're healthcare
if 'n there was one.

Do you reckon if the meekests' choice really was the "i" in either insurance or a nifty walkin' 'round gadget for prompt attention-grabbing that they'd hit 'like' when they saw the image of their father emerge from a cobalt mine with a head-big goiter and then, embarrassed, wish they'd toggled to the angry man emoji instead, eventually getting pissed that their battery-life sucks?

Would their response be more or less visceral than if they saw one of those vids featuring a semi-severed bloody flopping head of cattle? Would they welcome the arrival of the Whopper to their hood? Maybe it's okay they're slaves on nine cents a day because somewhere over there they'll be hacking horns off rhinos in a minute. That'd be point-fifteen cents from now.

If they do welcome the Whopper Junior that'll be peak progressivism. Jobs all around! Helping them help themselves! If we can get 'em to use local hemp for the Curly Fry sack, it'll be worthy of a Bono op. Maybe it'll be just in time to cut that past-relativizing future generation down in its yet to be laid tracks. Can a people for whom it has come to pass that they can watch on their toys rerun footage of the subjugation of their lowliest toiling toy-makers be a people capable of circumventing their climate's forewarned destruction? And are they really to blame?

No, it's not our responsibility.
Freedom & Democracy are no commodity,
oh, no no no! We care and vote and tend
to things we don't have to even when we don't
feel like it when we feel like it.

It's the fault of the loathsome ones.
Never accountable for shit. We need oversight.
Do you think they care!?  smh
Good luck getting that thru committee. lol
Leave politics to the adults in the room.
Love, #theResistance

They say there're 44 great guys. I say, 'Why not 45?'
Ich bürge für die forty-five great guys.
I vouch for the 45. Of the six that're still alive
exactly half are exactly seventy. One is fifty-five.
My taxes may pay their salaries but
my disposable rest paves the way.