Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Ill He Had and Theodicy

— Deep in the vest of the forager's forest are schemes fomented which bespeak spokes dactyly arranged such that their hub is tactile to each, while they to none but the hub.

— The post-developmental persistence of the process by which children simplify spoken sounds with various seemingly unrelated patterns of substitution has given rise within speech science to that which connotes a conspiracy inherent to the avoidance of aspiration, when not the outright banishment of Clicks from the residence of Resonance. Basghetti, anyone? Well, that's not exactly forgoing fricatives.

— Of when Helen did Paris, or if it was instead she who'd been done: Could the record comprise a scholarly plot to protect her virtue, or the picture of her prized allure, or to restore the honor of the well-bronzed king of rage, or with each, toward the next, just to justify the genocidal plundering of a city?

— Strike the command: "Pour that in her glass, do you understand?" I do. And I will. Presto chango recto verso. There. Thy will be done.


Conspiropathology analyzes the tendency to act in a manner common to the agent of conspiracy. Independent of an engagement as conspirator, the conspiropath betrays the demeanor of one. Conspiropathology attempts to account for methodologies used to conceal clandestine activities, which techniques have been found, again, without regard to necessity, to be pertinent to conspirator and conspiropath alike. Convenient to the work of real conspirators, it is decidedly difficult to determine how often the conspiropath is, or has been, engaged in actual conspiratorial activity. It is accordingly prohibitive to conclude which correlation is more reliable as typified by the frequency of the active conspirator's exhibiting concurrent conspiropathic behavior versus the fraction of conspiropathic behavior as a consequence of extant collusion.


journey to the center of the compost heap
Bodies who harbor secrets keep them by spinning yarns into coats of arms, unveiling tall truths like loosely wound wounds they make for honesty's sake, and if things truly get this far, which they decidedly ever do, giving hors d'oeuvres to the uninvited.


s in bush tellin' 
Jens Besteller: »Wir nehmen denn bitte die Schweinschädel-suppenschüssel...  mit extra Schmand.«
Klara Kellnerin: »Richtig oder bloß?«
Jens Besteller: »Ääähm... nicht zuu viel.«