Monday 7 August 2017


Wild Wendall, Foto von Mama/Chrominanz von davidly  - frühes 21. Jahrhundert


Unlike the de-building block proportional shock
Whose sweep was unknown to the mow'n not our own
And in contrast to the last deep breath twain'd calamities
Dissimilar in breadth and tone,

Not bespoken by Daddy, then of the country
From which Hell Sold Told promises to further unfold
Waves not in keeping with the covenant, new or old,
Or the numbers to be told and untold.

Aspect of memory's fading frontier,
Slipping father afield into silent dawn,
Your return is as off as the monuments fear,
Yet you go on an' on an' on an' on!

Here's milestone'd - but I hope not statute barred -,
Benchmarked's not destruction of love
Or billions spent towards millions still scarred,
But restitution of old, and confirmation thereof.