Thursday 26 October 2017

Bootsy 66!

Not an excuse to link my trip to '77, a year in which he featured prominently, but a Bootsy birthday recognition /slash/ album release alert. World Wide Funk flies to-morrow & can be got thru bootsycollins.com. I expect it'll be at the record store, d'boot. Also of note: Bootsy's got the only Facebook site worthy of the right to exist (which conundrumly'd (dis)include FB itself).

The following're two tracks from 1993, whose blasting through a young man's JBL100T speaker cabinets driven at volume from 100 watts per in my seems-like long-ago Lakeview lodging sent me out of sorts & into a figurative funk... for I felt everything else I had there-d'fore relished was not just suddenly pallid in contrast but meaningless, as in utterly, worthy of expressed redundant semantic hyperbolic superfluousness. This'd prove to be a silly if serious sentiment not of lasting affect, but the passion continues for this & all things Bootzilla. Plus both of these albums got the passed-perfect Bernie Worrell all up in 'em – not that there's much Bootsy that don't, the new one included.

This here's 'J.R.', baby '(Just Right)', from His New Rubber Band album. Bernie's bouncy key riff really got meh &'s still so something to'th' je ne sais quasi ditty doozy, baba!

If that'n't enough, here's one from Lord of the Harvest under one of William Earl 'Bootsy' Collins' many aliases, Zillatron. It's one of a slew of great works Bill Laswell put out on his Black Arc label around this time.

For a live taste here he is Stretchin' Out on the Night Music program with something from where it began with his original Rubber Band, here however harboring the likes of the late Hiram Bullock (probably courtesy of David Sanborn who was curating the show by then) and Omar Hakim, who I just happen to've seen perform live w/n.o.t. KT Bush <warning: most clicked davidly):