Sunday 25 March 2018

A "Death to the Either/Or" Allusion

I'd really rather write about something else, but gotta go w/ th'flow & mind the_gap. All credit for the title to the scrivener whose namesake's team I bet'll finish 9-2 to continue their streak of fifty-win seasons. Irony abounds here (and not just theft of scripted thought, as our purveyor of sed abounding irony (if only by way of KitH (fine ham & all)) can not care for the game adverted & encrypted in this passage, sed game about which I'd preferred this morn to muse). I searched to barren effect for a tag to the title at his place, hence the link to a not inappropriate Appalachian fog's foto-log.  Hey! Also, too: I do believe this opener qualifies as a bleggalgaze <which abound at th' link)! Shifting the cryptics, let's get started, shall we?

A successful propaganda regime will fr'ever have its targets looking exactly where they want them to, which'd be a need-to-know if regarding how & when theirselves are manipulated into thinking a certain way about certain others or, in the aggregate, apparently alternative propaganda regimes. Most unfortunately, I assume (or paradoxically, I reckon), we entities stem from an either/or process of growth into twits whose binary blinders thwart an appreciation of even overt overtones via basic rhetorical suppositions. So it certainly is no surprise that the not necessarily all that clever concealment of client regime activities does not give broad rise to questions that result in anything but jumping on the only other bandwagon that appears available. <Let's call that an overdue Sundae wink;-)

Respective to the arbitrary boundaries that go a long way toward preventing people from seeing what they have in common while indoctrinating identifieds into thinking that at least one set of enemies of their perceived enemies is friendlier than the latter enemy, Amerigo's playin' Americants as much if not more now than it ever has, and the rib-thorn du jour is don'd facile-i-tater. If dude was seen as dangerous by the Home Houses as is presented in the press, they wouldn't be extending the Authorities of His Office once conceived illegal and neo-continuing cartel blanche behavior that never results in less danger in anyone's hands, whether in the schools at home or along enhanced firing ranges abroad. You'd think a relationship with an evil Prince was just inked out of thin oil — that roughly Twelve Governments heretofore had not been in lockstep ruinous roid-rage.

Much is accomplished with a length of lexemes & evocative imagery served with Bernays spread liberally between well-heeled slices of bread. The central success of the adverted misinformation industry was in convincing already established industries of its indispensability. Not that there be not overlapping interests to be lapped up; the latest of the latest displays no distinctions. In a sense it's kind of comforting so many are immunized to the dutifully overdriven, distorted details.

May we accentuate our positive interaction with fellow beings of the world, successfully strive to be aware of and avoid negative interactions with the same, and mitigate any potential- or by default damaging behavior to the environs thereabout. May this Sundae service be sweet.

BLCKCTDRSTP - December 2017