Thursday, 4 July 2019

Forth of Kawhi?

Gonna break an unwritten rule and leave this sixth of the month update predated because I reckon anyone who regularly reads won't have much interest anyway.

I like to be right even if it's only a veracity indicative of a vindication nobody knows about. I wrote not long ago that Bird's biggest blemish was failing to fix the tandem of O! Mister Leonard and PG13 onto his roster. He got fleeced by Buford upon the summer of eleven for the paltry right to a fellow local. Sure it'd be a popular move to a provincial attitude ill-skilled to evaluate skill and such things as the potential development thereof, as, on the contrary, RC had proved quite capable and would continue to do down near the border, but Bird's fellow hick hooping Hoosier in three seasons with the cream of the crop of the latter of those two abilities had hardly projected a ceiling he wouldn't bump his head against, let alone led loftily like "Larry Legend".

And yet ole Lar'd acquitted himself fine the previous summer, snagging the only real steal in two-thousand and ten. How he couldn't've seen the potential of the Klaw with Paul George is not a question, given that even hindsight analysis that the yet-to-be injury ridden Granger guy would rather require a PG to go with PG. Fair enough. That's not what I was right about anyway. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a coup for the Pacers and continued to believe it as they played elite D on their way to disappointing conference finals.

Which brings me nearer to what I was right about: When PG-13 made known his desire to return to his stomping grounds to play for the most storied of the franchises to migrate westward from the greater lakeville area nobody'd stick around for for very long, it was a blessing of a curse for the former ABA heroes. Bird's successor showed capable of dealing as he dealt him to a team that'd seem not quite west enough for someone pining for his home still another thousand-&-a-half miles yonder. The point is, though, that Indiana fared well in the transaction.

Which really brings me to the point I was right about: George played a season in Ok City with a guy said to be someone nobody'd wanna play with, so it was merely months' matter before he'd move on to fake lakes Laker's land. When he then decided to stay — and play with Westbrook — that was solely the angle the pundits went with. It was only me-me-me who said that LBJ's heading to LA was a usurpation of Paul's plan and that there was no way in hell he would then couple up with the King when he'd spent so many years trying to knock him off his media appointed throne, best all-around player in history or no.

Now my invisible vindication is paired with the pairing Larry missed out on - if only a near decade late. Kawhi has shown that he'd rather beat him than join him, joining another of like mind to give it a go. And they both get to go home without going glitzy. I like to think the reigning finals MVP was teasing the storied franchise for fun, through the fifth of free agency and on Holy-War Day to boot, now using its American bridge to tell the King going into the second of his golden years that he cannot steal his thunder. Game on.