Thursday 22 August 2019

Great White Whale of Privilege to Define Human Trafficking

Golly Gee Willkür! Where in the New World would Chief Dummkopf get the idea that he could purchase territory from another country? Where would the Danish Prime Minister get the idea that Greenland belongs to Greenland? One could ask her to define the terms, or ask Greenland's head of state, the Queen of Denmark, what it means to be "an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark". Interrogate them separately to note precisely where their answers either diverge or seem rehearsed. Or, better, ask either of the separatist Inuit parties, one of whom couldn't seem to hold its majority after a recent blitzkrieg of snap elections. I can tell you one thing: Being an autonomous country of a kingdom doesn't mean being autonomous of that kingdom.

So is Don XLV of Amerikkka living in the late fifties, when the Kingdom in Question allowed the would-be purchaser's Historical Precedent to station nukes all under the autonomous ice sheet in spite of its official status as nuclear-free? Oh, I get it, his gauche faux pas is speaking out loud. These things are to be conducted in secret so the scandals can break out long after the buffoon has left office.

Wait, though. Might he really be living in 1959, when his predecessor-in-Germanity, Ike, hewed it official with his iron pen that a set of islands would be the fiftieth star of the sacred banner? You know. The state that would waste no time in birthing Don's immediate forerunner-in-office. Just think. Even if he had been born in Kenya, his eventual infiltration of the oval toilet could still be considered done by the technicality that would have hinged on little more than a strategic choice to leave them coloreds what belong to Great Britain be — humanitarian non-intervention!

Or might Don Lardo be living even further in the past, at the end of the Spanish-American War, when the arbitrariness of One of the Many Treaties Named after the Capital of the Kingdom of the Second Most Famous Revolution that Wasn't One would recognize the right of Spain to transfer for a cool 20 mil ownership of Filipino & Filipina alike to the Americans — who'd promptly wage another war that would kill hundreds of thousands to a million of their newly legalized territorial subjects (but who's counting) — and conferred upon the people of Puerto Rico the right to one day, if the draft saw fit, be soldiers in future American conquests, or in a better case draft, exclusive property of Major League Baseball?

So, again, it's the unsophisticated nature of Native Don that's so worthy of note, given that it was, again, a covert agreement between the belligerents-in-colonialism, who had arranged that Spain would surrender only to the US (as opposed to, you know, the Philippines) and that they even staged a fake battle to make it look authentic. Fake news? How about fake history?

Or might Donnie Fiasco be less like the proverbial elephant, instead living in the more recent 1991, when "what you do about Kuwait's slant drilling into your territory is your business" became a live telecast of savagery for the ostensible liberation of Kuwait from one in a long line of American bastards, whose actions had been the result of the previous paraphrase? If you're thinking beyond surface irritations, you might ask yourself how it is that the Trumpenstein Monster's use of "fake news" serves to reinforce its pernicious fake authenticity.

Or might Don Ghazi be living in the yet more recent 2011, when she who would become The Most Qualified Presidential Candidate in American History had preemptively claimed the right of her nation to arm another set of bastards in spite of a UN resolution not to do so, after which she'd erupt with glee at the fresh memory of the brutal murder of someone who, when you consider his having held power from before she'd been a Goldwater advocate up until when she, as former Senator Carpet Bagger, began seeking the advice of Carpet Bomber Kissinger for Secretary of War tactics, it's like somebody'd been holding bullets bound for Tripoli in their bladder for over forty years?

So if Donald Fuck were anywhere near as clever as he claims to be, he'd use the agency at his service to foster an uprising of restless natives and push through a no-fly zone to restore order. The fake news could call it a catchy color code. Wherever an autonomous folk are displeased with those unceasingly bestowing their autonomy upon them, a new boss of beneficence should not be far behind, to redirect the traffic.

It's not human trafficking if those defining the terms call it human capital. Getting back to the Philippines as a model of many, I remind the reader that grooming tweens to have sex with scuzzy men is the unofficial occupation of a number of untold (as well as told too many times) men & women of that entrepreneurial bent, who make a killing on the impoverishing autonomy of literal human capital that flocks to military outposts to make a living. Even if, say, a base commander declares his intention to forbid those under his command from partaking of such wares, he'll be not long for his post. For troop morale trumps prudish concerns, even of the Conservative Christian kind.

If you hear about sex slavery, it's probably convenient. It can then be filtered through real rightwing theorists who think "Killary had Epstein offed so that she could continue to bathe in babies' blood with impunity!" If I had to guess, they come from the demographic home to most men who've made it with a twelve-year-old — but it would've been in service to their country.

I wonder how "Greenlanders" feel about "their" US air base.