Friday 24 April 2020

The same guys who fallacy

Not a comment on taking Kenney Jones for Keith Moon and not an attempt to establish that global organizations in the avowed service of public well-being are not peopled by conflicting interests. Ringo's boy notwithstanding along with the following eventuality's become reality already ten years ago, the same guys who pleaded in tune that the world not be another time tricked would feature center stage playing their biggest trick in sellout support of the world's most watched commercial for the consortium dedicated to duping people repeatedly with nationalized armed conflict for the sake of all the pickup trucks & beer and mayo & meat one'd need to ensure public health has a solid foundation in balance with her aerosol scented independence. Concurrent channels steadily stream every possible pill promotion. Who's got something to say about that?

It's paradox where tweet culture predominates, though evident amongst any inlet fingered wherever mind-finger neural activity remains sans accessories sold separately by bias confirming stay-at-home activists engaged in exhausting every possible three word abbreviation not associated with the deadly organizations of the alphabet not named Sesame Street. Shaking my head, I'm laughing out loud by the way as far as I know. Okay that last one was five. I've five people in my family.

Honest to God if we're honest to Daddy the same guys who do a, b, and c, are the same ones now doing x, y, and z. You just know it's true. Even if you don't. How do you know it's true? Not just because someone said so, but because someone said so and you think, sure, that sounds about right.

At least the plausibly obsessively deranged twitterers who track the plausibly obsessively deranged twitterer in chief have cited real respectively contradictory chirps separated by so-few enough time-increments that not even the most dastardized apologist would claim evolving positions. But don't take my word for it. Follow them. Like them. Get involved. Evolution by virtualized virtue has profound potential. Ask any liberated Libyan. Why, I got one in my timeline who says that the same guys who said so are now doing something that would seem to say not so. Typical.

Cite your sources. Or go with your gut. One method is about as reliable as hearsay, the other relies heavily on the cog before the -nition swimming in the mayo of time tested stereotypes, treading as it would but can't 'cause you can't tread the thick or saucy, and uttering something about the exception that proves the rule in ruling on the veracity of that adage in case it comports with the prejudice of comfort.

The same guys who do are the same guys who don't. You can rely on the fact that this will either prove more accurate as recognition of photographed people-features gets promoted to less likely unreliable than the greatest possible accuracy that preceded it, or somebody asks who cares. The nearest to what could be guaranteed is that this won't shake you of the certainty of your inclinations even if you're more unsure of them now than you've ever been.