Sunday 10 May 2020

May I you in rest, in my faux tow, Graf E.?

Stalinallee 1960
Karl-Marx-Allee today


What's the deal with red? The deal is a deal, direct & delivered and determinedly damned. Predetermined, if you'd rather, but decided and definite.

The narratives all have it that these undersigned pretend to themselves to be biding their time, as if the spoils they enjoy upon signing do not exist, as if it's their birthright to find a way as mysterious as the deal itself around the pitfalls of the art of the deal. I guess there's truth in the psychology of that.

What's the deal with blue, then? More real as a contract to bide one's time, still, the devil's in the details. Sure as its science, the condition of red returns to bite the party to this contract, as the same spoils absorbed by pure bitter poison are contained in this pledge and its pill.

Well what about the deal with green? This is not a new deal, but one that according to the blue contract can do nothing but risk resulting in red. I guess there's truth to the logic in that.

Be advised that these colors are as seen on TV.

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