Sunday 2 August 2020

White Griot

The sound of the sluggish, very early morning trickle into the toilet tank, due in part to this storey's elevation, reminds me of the handclaps on the third track of the Jon Hassell slash Brian Eno album forty full years old past April. The liner notes say that Gordon Philips, Andrew Timar, Tina Pearson performed them live with the rest of the musicians at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

On a very late night drive just as sleepy thirty years ago this summer, Daddy thought the music sounded like Frankenstein's monster clog dancing, a remark that might've come during "Delta Rain Dream", the previous track on the album. The substantive in this entry's title is the title of the third track, parenthetically named (as's pretension's wont) "Over 'Contagious Magic'". The title of the album inspired the extra pretension of the same of MiLkBabY's debut.

My pipedream to capture rainfall to supply the works in the water closet cannot achieve even nonstarter status, notwithstanding an architect roomie who inspires all manner of handy riggery, practical and ecological. The force goes into the flow. Jon Hassell released Seeing through Sound last month.

Though this is a blur, you can click or just hover for clarity. Mama took the picture of a graffito at a locale still with a name in my cloudy memory.

Grafoto Blur slash Grafoto Ma - 2009