Thursday 29 October 2020

Gnome ungnomes

The concept of consciousness's fraught with woo, woe, without it we'd wield no concepts at all. Maybe what awareness reveals is in what's lacking about what we think makes us so special, and that we are, after all, just cogs just cognizant, without that ole time will. That'd make our desire indeed a prison, grief and beef folly. Absolution reigns supreme. Blame is puffing at windmills.
It fantastically makes simple sense of an increasingly odd configuration of thee bedfellows & baddies foisted upon us, that we put upon ourselves. It's also a cop out. An alibi that doesn't make it so. On the other hand, it can't be ruled out. That's the beauty in life. It's a bunch of woo. Beyond the edges of captured certainty, it's a mystery. No wonder it's tempting to heave it all into the gale of the moment.
We know what we don't know! Hu-man beings! Hu-man beings! Hu-man beings!
Not that there's anything wrong with follow the money as the prime societal dynamic, that is to reveal it as such, which does deliver loads of observable motivations on scales macro and micro. It's the reason we've claimed in all our, mythologized as forethought, declarations of self-evidence to honor in politics even only the appearance of conflicts of interest to be reason enough to self-recuse. It's also instructive about what we won't make illegal, which happens to be, yet again, a theme in discussions about quasi differences in two types of crony behavior by people who should know better.
Politics on the people level means self-regulating everything you're allowed to whisper lest it feed the beast you're told to be scared of. Peeps don't know what they're scared of, least of all what they should be.
Might it be that Sinclair's proverbial people being paid not to understand things is another way of saying we're without choice?

It's probably appropriate that I'm gonna force this here (by "force" I mean embed), that which I'd like to believe is beneath me. I mean, come on. Have you ever seen this guy's standup? It's energetically unfunny and, if I'm not mistaken, is supposed to be his primary origin as an entertainer. The train to fame will always have some people skeptical about the merit in the ocracy (& how it's been compromised). Compromised, bro!
Read Brogan's brocast comments section (but for snakes' sake don't click Yoogle play!) Everybody's out jockeying one another with their twisty deepness of double reverse logic, ignoring the otherwise obvious, and failing utterly to recognize their own role. If anybody's deep state it's Alex fucking Jones. There's something in this about how & when one chooses to highlight similarities versus when one draws distinctions. Like, when two sides of an argument purport the existence of willful means behind two distinct goals in opposition. If such a thing can be said to exist, it could be there's a unity of purpose with ostensibly demonstrable hostility of means.
Don't forget that the conspiracy is that there's no conspiracy necessary. For at the end of the cliché, truly, it  is what it is. I say enjoy your autumnal orange until all souls get out.

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Spot a phi. This joke's on woo.