Sunday 11 July 2021

Fine Blegs.

All that said, metaphor for consideration is abundant within this field of play. For your approval: copy & paste history. For your disapproval: lack thereof.

Otherwise known as the clipboard, as nominal relationship to meatspace as any, the extracurricular activity required to recall from beneath its virtual surface the second-to-last thing you had copied to it before forgetting to paste it somewhere and copying & pasting something completely different... might there be a metaphor here, related to the modern human's facility for summoning specifics prior to specifics?

Coming from me this is rich. "Make up your mind, dude. Is it a simulation or is it real?"
The Story
On the scene, the police had set up a road block to turn inbound morning traffic away from the damaged bridge. The blockade included foot patrol on the sidewalk. In response to the traffic cops' instructions, most simply shrugged and turned the other way. Barely a sigh could be heard through the nonchalant reaction to the fact that the bridge would have to remain closed for the unforeseeable future, and to the news of the wide berth of a detour they'd have to take on this early morning, for which, foremost of which, they had no time to prepare.
Maybe this is why he reacted as if he knew he had an important story on his hands that nobody seemed to care about. He asked his photographer if he was capturing the impatient outrage of the commuters in his shots, who responded with a puzzled peek over his viewfinder.
"Of course we have to go another way!" Mr. Journo shouted above the traffic noise to nobody listening. His level of agitation increased with that fact, but as if the opposite were true. Not just the opposite, but as if he were getting pushback from the crowd, which wasn't much of one, as they were dispersing rather orderly and without delay.
"What? Would you rather they just let everyone roll on, as if nothing is wrong? Our entrusted authorities are doing their jobs to keep you safe and you just want to risk your own lives! And everyone else's lives! Just calm down, people!  Count yourselves lucky for goodness sake!" He shook his head in disbelief, whereas the photog was almost chuckling under his breath and snapping away at nothing in particular.
When they had returned to the office, he began ranting about the selfish short-sightedness of the general populace. He sat at his typewriter and began banging away with a fury.
Voodoo you
People don't go into journalism because they long for a better informed public. They strive for attention. Because they strive for attention they sensationalise whatever they think has the legs to get them the most of it.
Acting out on the need for attention is good for the economy, as the hard won attention  ultimately trickles down to others who want some of it and act out in turn, the proceeds of which of course spread out to all of us.

Last seen in his treeknot at the intersection
of Windy Ridge and Browning Run Trails