Monday 20 May 2024


Not so much a bandage as a pun-adjacent comment on the previous entry whose final paragraph is in permanent revision and whose final paragraph is not necessarily the current one and this fact justifies the relative clause being a defining one so as to forgo the comma despite what follows having no such excuse concurrent with an entry whose speech simulacrum is like "La Villa Strangiato" in that it both bespeaks an exercise in self-indulgence along with an attempt at recursion to a point between which I will reference a refrain that provides this excuse to express the same again from that prior entry that eventually entails being the penultimate point before the point that says none of our values are the same let alone immune to inflationary implosion in the aggregate or not as our superficial style of survival rests on a rock as our extinction hearkens hindward hard and so it finally arrives that davidly dot eu is dead because davidly dot eu is not broccoli but brokered by bait and switch rent seekers whose likes led a long long time ago to my removing the feeding tubes to +49301785853304.