Saturday 4 May 2024

re. iirc to fellow lefty & d, mr multiple dr, dj

Like liked lefties often enough occupying right realty, I employ an ambi- unconscious Janus minded bog-standard handedness that led, like Ringo, semi- wrong way round (his thru the roll, me thru the feet) but like you & unlike him course corrected quickly and like you, not unlike him, 3rd grade teacher, Sr. Linda, made mere mention, as I recall, to me in class about the idea of my trying to write thru my right, after which I made mere mention, as I'd recalled it, to Mama, maybe the same evening, after which Mama called her & showed her teeth as only one could over the phone.

Moron memory here (& n.b. cf. its reliability, as I'n't cf. prior to draft so'sn't to contaminate its contamination).

Hildegard-Jadamowitz-Straße 1958 (hover or click for 2024)