Sunday, 18 February 2018

Merely Prayers

That which teases the question of control — whether individual human agency from the bottom up is virtually existent or not in a whirlwind of agglomerated control structures — would be comparable to that which cannot qualify the existence or non-existence of free will. Maybe we peasant purchasers of information are discerning enough not to be duped, steered & controlled, or maybe that’s doubtful. Whatever, virtually all data is dubious until proven otherwise. As the messengers in this drama beggar believability — that is, not just the protagonist & antagonist casts, but the cast itself — it should be instructive that the default bylaws of binary self-governance are at once underpinned and impaired by, remarkably, an intelligent human capacity to believe one can measure and judge the relative trustworthiness of the least trustworthy class in this culture, and trust the spoils of one's toil to the marginal winner of that competition when in actuality the bedrock of what's customarily peddled by the Crullers & Crumpet Crumbs of Gluten, and the Clingy Badmintons in Bushes, and Dioramas of Gamey Diamond, and Cee D. Uses & S.P. Dees & "Äh, eff Ds!" and I. Saids & Net 'n' Yahoos of this whirlwind begs too much import to be but moot. So what if one of them happens to mouth a truth that works like a salve to soothe your sore sensibilities. Is it remotely relevant to their stage movements?

On the other hand, if you're still a follower at this point, it's not entirely in vain. Whether appropriate to the original purpose or not, it is apparent that answers are rendered unto the faithful of all beliefs. That itself has meaning.