Sunday, 29 November 2009

Silver Spree: The Agony of Omission

Schmacke and I got second place in the Megaspree Filmfestival with our short-short film, Einheit oder Vielfalt. By "second place" I mean that we got eighteen out of ninety-six jury votes.

Considering the winner's margin of victory with thirty-nine of those votes, it wasn't very close. But when considering that said winner was Carsten Joost, who took the initiative and organized that which led to the successful, if non-binding, referendum which inspired this competition, it was a deserved loss of sorts. His entry was good at least.

The shame is that, for whatever reason, ours is the only of the nine entries not to make it onto the official festival DVD. Though Schmacke doesn't think that is such a shame, for reasons I won't divulge here.

BTW: Here is what Brunnen-Str. 183 looks like now. Compare it to the pre-evicted version in my previous entry.