Friday, 4 December 2009

Geistes Ökonomie
und Synästhesie

Everything is slowly happening so fast. Those great elephants of the ocean've been lowering their pitch. Wailing, if you will, at decidedly slower hertz. In studies, it's hypothesized an automotive response to a change in population.

Eighty-four cat years ago, I left my cats for a short night out; to them, I didn't come home until the following night. When I spent a four-day weekend out of town, they were pissed that I'd abandoned them for a month and refused to acknowledge my presence for three days - just over ten hours my time. They woke me up by biting my toes.

If the bat of a butterfly's wings brings chaos to untold things, what happens in the blink of an eye?

When is the last time you were surprised? Really surprised? Aren't things pretty much as you'd expect them to be?

Maybe what's seen has always been seen. More specifically, what we see ourselves becoming, we've already become. Where we think we're going is where we are, and've always been.

This history involves the future; a scientist's lifespan limits temporal investigation to the temporal.

To think this is already dated
Here I offer a belated
tip of the hat

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